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【Wuxi XiYueLi New Material Co.,Ltd】DF acid release agent(Ethylene diformate)
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DF acid release agent(Ethylene diformate)

product use

  • This product is a Environmental protection acid releasing agent,Applied to the nylon.

  • Acid dyes、Reactive dyes、Medium dyes or Metal complex dye dyeing,Can make dye bath PH Slip from neutral to acidic,It's environmentally friendly PH Sliding agent.

Nature of the product


Products to compare

1. DF acid release agent It has the effect of slow dyeing and even dyeing It can slow down the coloring rate in the early stage of dyeing,Greatly reduce chromatic aberration  Uneven staining ,Improve uneven staining,The best effect can be achieved by adding before dyeing.

2. Compared with acetic acid, formic acid and other organic acids:No intermittent addition is required,Reduce worker's operation intensity And repeatability detection.

3. Compared with ammonium sulfate and ammonium dihydrogen phosphate:No ammonia nitrogen,Has a wider range of PH variation.

4. Compared with substitute acid and buffer solution system,The PH doesn't stay the same,The PH in the dye bath is curvy,Meet the acid dye coloring requirements.

Product features

1. High concentration releasing agent for dyeing polyamide and wool fibers.

2. This product has good stability, long expiration date and does not contain phosphate.

3. Provide the best acidity slide curve for acid dye dyeing.

4. Effectively control the dyeing speed of dye, improve the levelness, reduce the amount of levelling agent.

5. Reduce residual liquid, effectively reduce staining difference.

6. It can shorten dyeing time and improve dyeing efficiency.

The product application

Dyeing of nylon 6, nylon 66, wool, silk and other mixed textiles.

Product usage

Advice  0.3~1g/l


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